Breakout Descriptions

Breakout Descriptions
Friday, March 23

Lunch Breakouts :: 12:30pm-2pm
The Future of Young Adults in the UMC – Bishop Will Willimon
In this session we will explore some of the unique challenges the UMC faces in reaching a new generation of young adults.  How well suited is Methodism for reaching the spiritual needs of today’s young adults?  What are some changes we need to make to do a better job of reaching the Twenty to Thirty Somethings?  What have we learned from congregations that are successful in reaching young adults?

Called? – Emily Oliver
We sometimes hear pastors or missionaries talk about getting “The Call”; a dramatic experience in which God speaks directly to them and gives them an assignment.  But we actually believe that every Christian is called, regardless of age, life stage, or career path.  God wants every follower of Jesus to participate somehow in his mission in the world.  But what is God calling you to do, and how do you know?  Come join us for this lunch breakout session and consider what God’s mission for your life might be.

Culture – Steve Taylor
It’s been said that the shame of Christian entertainment is that it’s neither. Stories on screen rarely reflect the reality of life, which makes their neatly resolved sermon illustrations even less relevant or compelling. Steve Taylor believes that our stories must have the edges of life in them to be real, and to see a faith that meets us in those very real places. It also helps if comedies are actually funny. This interactive, Q&A session will explore the challenges and fun of adapting Donald Miller’s best-selling book into a compelling new movie.

Focus Session A :: 2:30-4pm
Young Adults – Russ Graves
I believe the everyday person wants to know whether the church can help them: get through their struggle to follow Christ, and live out their faith in the real world. “We are answering questions they are not asking” and “worse, we are leaving their most important questions unattended.”  Join us for this breakout as we discuss these topics that so many young adults are facing in the church.

Leading Young Adults – Bishop Will Willimon
What are the unique challenges and opportunities that Twenty and Thirty Somethings offer the church?   How can our churches be more welcoming to Young Adults?  How is the United Methodist church well positioned to evangelize and empower young adults for discipleship?  Join Bishop Willimon for an inspiring session on leading today’s young adults.

Breakout Descriptions
Saturday, March 24

Focus Session B :: 11am-12:15pm
What does it take to make a leader? Reflections.. – Dr. Sandra Richter
Having laid out a major biblical discussion on leadership during the plenary session, this break out time will be committed to discussing the issues raised. What does a (young) leader look like? What consititutes an honest exercise of power?  Why do groups need leaders? What do groups need leaders to do? What happens to groups without leaders? We want to get honest in this session about what our callings require of us as those tasked with shaping the Kingdom.

Social Media! – Andy McEntire
This is an opportunity to learn more about social media and why it’s relevant in today’s world and important for your ministry. It’s a session for the beginners, the advanced and the in-between. We will provide social media strategies and ideas for you and your ministry and tell you why it’s do or die.

Lunch Breakouts :: 12:30pm-2pm
Worship and Ministry – All Sons and Daughters
The emerging worship duo will spend some time talking about worship, ministry to God’s people and reaching this generation. A session for all of those engaged in worship services for local churches.

Reflections and Inspirations – Jorge Mucata
There is a fresh move of God in this generation all across the planet. Jorge Mucata is one such young adult who will be a world-changer. In this lunch session, we will hear his story of endurance and his dream to be a force for change in his home country of Angola.

Focus Session C :: 2:30pm-4pm
What We Must Do – Derrick Scott III
It is obvious that ministry to, for and with young adults is an imperative for the Church. So what is the role of young adults in the conversation? Where should we begin? And what happens if the institutions of the Church do not move fast enough? This session for young adults will inspire and motivate this generation to take the next steps to being the Church that the world is waiting for.

Leading Young Adults – Candace Lewis
Pastor Lewis will provide insight and reflection on how individuals in local churches can reach out to and lead the next generation.


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