Reclaim 2012 Faculty

Wondering who’s going to be at Reclaim 2012?

Get to know some of the awesome faculty who will be sharing with us during the Reclaim 2012 Gathering.

Bishop Will Willimon
Candace Lewis
Sandra Richter


5 thoughts on “Reclaim 2012 Faculty

  1. The postcared announcing the workshop to be held in March 23-24, 2012 in Jacksonville, Florida was given to the young adult ministry at my church as something we may be interested in attending. However, I would like to obtain some more information about this workshop in possible. Maybe a detailed outline of events, topics and times to be discussed during this gathering.

    • Hi La’Portia,
      We will be publishing a tentative schedule within the next couple of weeks. Reclaim will include main sessions with our speakers, breakout sessions on different topics, and focus sessions for young adults AND for those interested in reaching young adults. Again, more information is coming in the next couple of weeks so stay tuned to our site. Hope you will consider joining us.

      Derrick Scott III
      Reclaim Planning Team

  2. If I may verify the cost, is it $50/person? If so does that include both days? If one wasn’t able to attend both days is there a day rate? Thanks

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