Reclaim: For the rest of us

Reclaim is about reclaiming our place in the Church, the plan and people of God here on earth. It is less about figuring out how a generation lost their place (although that is a good conversation to have). It is more about a generation stepping up and back into the communal work of believers across the planet and being the Church in our day. It is about twenty-thirty somethings deciding that the kingdom of God still takes precedent over us figuring out what we are going to do with our lives.

This is a weekend to reclaim our place in the life of the Church, but it is not an exclusive gathering.

Often, the terms, calling or vocation are attached to thoughts of ordination and full time ministry. But what about the rest of us? What about young teachers and future CEO’s? Shouldn’t our law enforcement officials and health care workers feel a sense of kingdom calling in what they do everyday? Are scientists, politicians and free-lance artists exempt from exploring spirit-inspired vocations as they live in this world? If we are the Church, the “priesthood of all believers” and the “sent-out ones”, shouldn’t that sense of mission be felt by every single man and woman who call themselves a Christ-follower? I think so…and Reclaim is for everyone, especially those who feel called to careers outside the walls and structure of the Church.

Reclaim 2012 will be an environment for all young adults, and those who want to reach them. The goal is to create a space where all attending can remember and re-embrace the call that has been given to us in Christ, at our baptism and as the Church. We invite all who want to see this generation reclaim their role in the story of God, to join us for two days of inspiration, challenge and community. We believe that the Church’s best days are ahead and this generation has a role to play.


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