We are about 60 days away from the 2012 Reclaim Gathering. As we finish up last minute preparations for this year’s conference, I have been reflecting on the reason for such a gathering to take place. There are so many reasons why Reclaim will happen again this year, although there is one reason that is burning strong on my heart these days. Put simply, we all need a space where we can discern again God’s call on our lives.

If your life is anything like mine, life’s demands and stresses do a good job of ripping the sense of vocation and purpose from my days. Even though I, like many other young adults, am deeply involved in the life of my local church, sometimes even the regular haul of being faithful on Sundays has a way of thinning out the passion I once had. Sometimes I wonder if something is wrong with me…if I lack enough faith to motivate a vibrant response to all God has done for me in Jesus Christ. After a while, it becomes crystal clear to my heart — I need space.
Reclaim is about space…particularly for young adults who are trying to figure out what God is asking of them in this life. It is a space for quietness, but also proclamation and reclamation. We will set aside a couple of days for further instruction and teaching. It will be a chance for many to rediscover that inner pull and drive that compelled us to lay down our lives for a greater cause. Reclaim is about re-affirming the commitment we have made to Jesus so that we can continue to joyfully bring transformation to the world, for the glory of Christ.
If you need space, I invite you to join us March 23-24 in Jacksonville, Florida for the Reclaim Gathering. Our prayer is that we would create a space where you can reignite your passion for the things that truly matter. Hope to see you in a few weeks.

– Derrick Scott III


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