A Note for Young Adults…

There have been a lot of posts lately about how young adult ministry matters, and I agree with them!  The Church needs to be doing all it can to reach out and minister to young adults! But today, I want to spend a few minutes and address young adults specifically…

Young adults! It is so easy to be discouraged when you look around at so many churches and don’t see a single young person there.  I (as a young adult myself) know what it’s like to go to a church, thoroughly look through the bulletin (and/or website), and not find a single thing for post-college young people; and what it’s like to want to plug in and find a community of people who are your age and in a somewhat similar period of life as you, but there’s nothing like that around.  It can be very discouraging to go to church after church and feel like there’s nowhere for you to be.

But, even in all of that, there is another thing I know.  I know that whether or not your church has “a place” for you, God wants to use you.  As a young adult, you can and should be in ministry, even when there seems to be no ministry for you.  Stop waiting for someone to lead a Bible study for you, or to host an event for you, or to pour their time and resources into you before you begin leveraging your life for the Kingdom of God!

In Exodus 33, we see that Joshua, “a young man”, stayed in the tent of the Lord, seeking the face of God for himself, even after Moses had gone home.  He did this of his own initiative.  He didn’t wait for Moses to teach him how to talk to God, or for someone to give him five points on how to hear from God, or even for a community of people to come around him and encourage him… he simply desired to know the Lord more, and so that’s what he did!  Young adults, why don’t we do that?  Why don’t we take the initiative to seek God, and then do the work of His Kingdom?  Why do we feel like we have to wait to minister until we have been ministered to?  It seems that if the rest of the Church looked around and saw young adults doing ministry, in droves, then maybe they would be more inspired to join in that. We (young adults) should be setting an example for the believers in speech, conduct, love, faith and purity!

And yes, we do need to be encouraged, we need community, we need all of the things that a young adult ministry can offer (hence the reason Young Adult Ministry Matters!).  But we also need to be the Hands and Feet of Jesus to a dying and broken world.  And when I look at what I already have in Jesus, I think it’s more than enough to get started doing just that!

– Anna Frederick – Reclaim 2012 Coordinator


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