There is a place for you.

Sometimes, all you need to hear from a church leader is ‘there is a place for you’. That simple statement has the power to put a young adult to work for the great cause of Jesus. But there are times when you need to hear a little more than that.

Some of us need to hear why there is a place for young adults. Many are desperate for a fresh vision of what the Church could be in our day. Simple survival and maintenance of the way things are is not enough to get us moving.

Some need to hear how there will be a place for a new generation of leaders. What might that look like? Are there new opportunities for us?

And others need to hear when there will be a place for us. What is the process? What can I do this year to start my leadership journey?

We are praying that those who come to Reclaim will hear the why, how and when from the Holy Spirit and speakers who are committed to seeing the next generation find their place in the Church. We believe that our gathering together will be a special time where callings will be discovered and affirmed for the transformation of the world and the glory of Christ.

Hope you will consider joining us for the 2012 Gathering…March 23-24 in Jacksonville, Florida. Registration opens January 1, 2012.


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