Reclaim and 7 Billion People

In about 140 days, young adults, (and those who want to reach them) from across the state of Florida will join together for the third annual Reclaim Gathering. The 2012 Gathering will take place March 23-24 in Jacksonville, Florida. The hope is that these two days will once again inspire a new generation of devoted Christ-followers to reclaim their spot in Jesus’ Movement — the Church. We are also inviting church leaders to join us as we will be offering special sessions on reaching and ministering to young adults. We believe that these two days will be significant for everyone who attends and will continue our collective pursuit of God’s vision for His Church.

Why is Reclaim important? Why should someone attend?

This week, the earth’s population is estimated to have hit the 7 billion mark. There are many questions and implications related to this achievement.  What should the Church’s response be to this population milestone? At this moment, there are 7 billion people and counting living on this planet…7 billion people in need of salvation, community, justice, and purpose — all the things that we have found through our relationship with Jesus Christ. The Reclaim Gathering is about cultivating a movement of leaders and laborers who will be the kind of Church that exists for the 7 billion and counting — all of whom “God so loves”.

The Church does not have to be irrelevant. Its people do not have to be stuck in on maintaining the status quo. Its message can be compelling and inviting. And its structures do not have to be in decline. God still has an amazing plan for His Church. This is why Reclaim exists.

In  March 2012, we will gather to reignite passion in young adults and dream of new ways to reach this generation for the glory of Christ and the transformation of the world. If you are a young adult living in or close to the state of Florida, you should come to Reclaim. If you are a church leader or someone interested in providing ministry to twenty and thirsty-somethings, you should come to Reclaim. Mark your calendars for March 23-24. More information will be coming over the next few weeks and registration will open on January 1. We hope you will join us.

May God bless His Church that exists for the 7 billion people and counting on this planet.

For His Dream,
The Reclaim Planning Team


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