Reclaim 2011: Day One

Day one started off strong. From the very beginning, we could feel God’s hand on us. We believe this weekend will be pivotal the young adults attending and seeds planted for the future of our Church here in Florida.

Music was led by the ACCESS218 Band. From the first chorus of ‘Chosen Generation’, a vibrant sound of worship could be heard here at First UMC Coral Gables. The worship set ended with ‘Jesus paid it all…oh praise the One who paid my debt and raised this life up from the dead.’

Sean Gladding brought a brilliant and compelling message for the first session. “The story of God is about God.” He reminded us that we are the Church, the people of God and we have been invited to play a tiny role in the story. Sean cast a vision for a Church that was less focused on buildings and more on being a ‘network of relationships and a web of friendships’. Many in the room felt the challenge of relocating what it means to be the Church from the context of the Story of God.

After a powerful couple of hours of worship together, folks hung around for desert, coffee and conversation. The sound of community building among volunteers, delegates and faculty was just as energetic as the sound of worship in the beginning of night.

We are now preparing for a strong, power-packed Day 2. We are believing that God has something special for  this year’s gathering. We are just here to meet with Him.


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