Reclaim 2012 Day 1



All Sons and Daughters

We are so excited that All Sons and Daughters will be joining us for Reclaim this year. The worship duo of David Leonard and Leslie Jordan bring a unique sound and deep heart for the local church. They will be touring with Chris Tomlin throughout Canada, and joining us for Reclaim. Here is a clip of them in action.

ASAD will be leading worship as well as a workshop on worship and the Church. You will not want to miss this inspiring worship duo. We are also hosting a concert with ASAD on Saturday night that is open to the public, but admission is included for all of those registered for Reclaim. Just one more reason why you wanna register today for Reclaim.

To come or not to come?

I hate retreats.  I do.  I have just never been a big fan of retreats, conferences, camps, etc.  I think I’m in the minority here; I have tons of friends who just love attending Passion, Willow Creek Leadership Summit, Walk to Emmaus, or their campus ministry’s annual Retreat.   Maybe it’s my introverted side, or maybe I’m just a little lazy and don’t like giving up my weekend routine, but I usually approach these type of events thinking: “Couldn’t I just read the book, and listen to some Crowder on iTunes?”

Okay, so I’m an event curmudgeon.  But in my ministry role, I find myself attending events like this on a pretty regular basis.  So I thought I’d share with you what I’ve learned about how even an “event curmudgeon” can get something out of attending an event like Reclaim.  If you’re an event-lover, I’m guessing you’re already registered for Reclaim.  If you’re like me, and were thinking of NOT coming, I hope you’ll plan to join us, and give these tips a try.

1)      Come with a focused goal.  Most of us young adults are faced with frequent change and decisions, right?  What to do after graduation?  What’s my next career move?  To end a relationship, or to start a new one?  Whether to move to a new city?  Whether to get engaged, when to start a family, the questions go on and on.  I find that if I don’t take intentional time for discernment, I just end up taking the path that seems easiest or best to me at the time, rather than gaining a clear sense of what God wants me to do.   Attending an event like Reclaim can be an intentional time for you to pray about what’s next in your life.  You’ll step out of your everyday routine, spend time in worship and prayer, dialogue with other young adults, and listen to some amazing speakers whom God might use to speak a word of guidance to YOU.

2)      Build one relationship.   Young adults who are passionate about faith as Christians, and as United Methodists, are relatively few and far between.  Your co-workers, classmates, friends, family, or even fellow church members may not totally “get” it.  But Reclaim will bring together people from all over Florida who do.  Our faith is a communal one; God uses our relationships to help us grow.  God might use one new friendship, contact, or conversation to do something new and exciting in your life.

3)      Have one experience of God.   I am not a person who very regularly and frequently has “mountaintop” experiences of God.  Sometimes I do.  But often, my faith is a day-to-day process of trusting that God is present even when I don’t necessarily feel it.  And so in times of uncertainty, it can be helpful to remember the marking-points in our lives when we know that we experienced God.  The hymn “Come Thou Fount of Every Blessing” uses the Old Testament word “Ebenezer” (which means “stone of help”); God’s people erected these marking stones as monuments to God’s faithfulness, so that in times of uncertainty, they could have a visual reminder that God had helped them in the past, and would help them again.  Attending an event like Reclaim, setting aside a weekend of your life to connect with God, can become an Ebenezer for you.  I’m not promising you’ll have a mountaintop experience of emotion, but I believe that God has promised to be present when we gather together for worship, prayer, and Sacrament, and I trust that you’ll experience that in SOME way at Reclaim.  And once you do, you will have that experience to sustain you on the next phase of your journey.

Hate events?  Me too.  You’ll find me in the back row, probably not clapping along to the music, but looking for God’s guidance, God’s community, God’s presence in Reclaim.  Come join me.

Exclusive Evening Events for Reclaim 2012

You need to get excited Reclaim 2012 attendees!!! Because as a part of the Reclaim 2012 Gathering, we will be holding a private pre-screening of the never before seen film, “Blue Like Jazz: The Movie”. This film is yet to be released in theaters, and this is an opportunity only for Reclaim 2012 attendees!

Anyone who registers for Reclaim 2012, as a part of conference registration, will automatically receive tickets to this exclusive event! The screening will be held on the Friday evening of Reclaim.

If you’re interested in checking out more about the film or seeing a trailer, visit

We hope you’ll decide to join us at the Gathering in March!  It’s going to be a really awesome weekend! Check out the registration page to sign up today!

See you there!
The Reclaim Team

Reclaim 2012: Mission Opportunity in Cuba

Hello Reclaim!!  We wanted to take a quick minute to inform you of an awesome opportunity Reclaim has this year to be a part of the work of God around the world!

As a part of our conference this year we will be promoting a Conference-wide young adult trip to the Methodist Church in Cuba.  Those who attend the Cuba trip will be participating in a retreat for young adults (ages 17-32).  While in Cuba, a great deal of time will be spent building relationships with, and getting to know the young adults there, while helping to strengthen the partnership between the Florida UMC and the Cuba UMC.  The dates of this trip are July 28-August 5, 2012.  The cost of this trip is $1,400 and the deadline for application is April 7th.

If you are interested in getting more details about this mission opportunity please send an e-mail (with your name and contact information) to Haylee at  Also, come prepared to fill out an application and turn in deposits at the Reclaim Gathering in March!  Looking forward to seeing you there!

Reclaim: For the rest of us

Reclaim is about reclaiming our place in the Church, the plan and people of God here on earth. It is less about figuring out how a generation lost their place (although that is a good conversation to have). It is more about a generation stepping up and back into the communal work of believers across the planet and being the Church in our day. It is about twenty-thirty somethings deciding that the kingdom of God still takes precedent over us figuring out what we are going to do with our lives.

This is a weekend to reclaim our place in the life of the Church, but it is not an exclusive gathering.

Often, the terms, calling or vocation are attached to thoughts of ordination and full time ministry. But what about the rest of us? What about young teachers and future CEO’s? Shouldn’t our law enforcement officials and health care workers feel a sense of kingdom calling in what they do everyday? Are scientists, politicians and free-lance artists exempt from exploring spirit-inspired vocations as they live in this world? If we are the Church, the “priesthood of all believers” and the “sent-out ones”, shouldn’t that sense of mission be felt by every single man and woman who call themselves a Christ-follower? I think so…and Reclaim is for everyone, especially those who feel called to careers outside the walls and structure of the Church.

Reclaim 2012 will be an environment for all young adults, and those who want to reach them. The goal is to create a space where all attending can remember and re-embrace the call that has been given to us in Christ, at our baptism and as the Church. We invite all who want to see this generation reclaim their role in the story of God, to join us for two days of inspiration, challenge and community. We believe that the Church’s best days are ahead and this generation has a role to play.